20,000,000 messages promoting your product, sent by your own customers and prospects.
Pretty good, huh?
Our content marketing initiative for the Blue Book network rankings hit that milestone within just 24 months.

Revenue+Performance is the leading magazine and website for performance marketers. We wanted to help promote the site while also boosting the magazine’s brand equity in a crowded marketplace. We created the Blue Book.

The Blue Book network rankings brought professional, credible survey techniques to the problem of rating performance marketing networks. We developed an out-facing content marketing campaign that recruited the networks themselves as brand evangelists. We gave them a chance to stand out from the crowd.

The result?
Within two years over 20 million emails and messages were being distributed each year, promoting the Blue Book rankings and reinforcing the position of Revenue+Performance as an industry thought-leader. The Blue Book is recognized as the most important award in the performance marketing industry.

The success of the initial Blue Book content marketing campaign has led to multiple new business acounts for Revenue+Performance, with over 200 networks now involved in the research program every year.