Java Detour

Conceive, write, design, photograph, print, deliver and implement an entire marketing program, advertising, PR and event collateral in 7 days flat.

Java Detour needed a rapid-response marketing team. mThink Agency delivered– and more.

Java Detour is a chain of gourmet coffee stores based in San Francisco – it’s our local coffee shop. They had a new franchise proposal and needed help in putting together the marketing campaign…In a week.

We worked with Java Detour staff at all levels to establish the values and brand proposition. We then conceptualized, photographed, designed, wrote and delivered a 14-item marketing piece for their first trade show. Together with a multi-media presentation, brand new display advertising and supporting press releases.

The result?
Java Detour now has 14 coffee stores across California and the USA and is seeking to expand worldwide. They already have a franchisee in Dubai!
Java Detour is Moving At the Speed Of Life. Good slogan, huh?