One billion dollars of new revenue created.  One content marketing campaign. Sounds crazy, right? That’s what we did for Accenture.

A BIG problem
Accenture’s CRM practice needed to reach C-level decision-makers in the 1,000 largest companies in the world.
They came to mThink’s Montgomery Research imprint for help.
A BIG solution
We created a global thought-leadership program, bringing together over 200 industry experts and 50 partner organizations, and incorporating websites, email newsletters and print deliverables.
The Result?
Over $1 Billion in new revenue as Accenture became the recognized brand leader in CRM systems integration and consultancy worldwide. Tens of thousands of new leads were generated for Accenture and their partners.
The ground-breaking success led to more than 40 other thought-leadership and content marketing initiatives for Accenture, including their consultancy practices focused on financial operations, supply chain management and the energy & utilities industry.